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For a more inclusive and tolerant society


The EUSL Foundation is based on a combination of the idea-driven and private sector. The foundation is created by the European Social Label Group whose main goal is to solve Sweden’s and Europe’s integration challenges in society. This is mainly done through close work with the business community and labor market policy initiatives, and all surpluses are then donated to the foundation, where the local business community can request funding for what is called social initiatives in society. The foundation’s mission is to be the external face for companies that want to be seen in societal integrating contexts, get positive marketing to strengthen their position in the market. A win-win for everyone, quite simply.

EUSL Foundation logoIntegration – a strong and charged word that has different meanings for everyone

The European Social Label Foundation, EUSL Foundation, has its background in the two concepts RoomsWithanAppointment and RoomsWithoutanAppointment, which represent the private and idea-driven sectors, respectively. The foundation’s goal is to bring the two sectors together to create a more inclusive society. The focus is on highlighting small businesses in the local market throughout the EU so that they can contribute to a more inclusive and equal society. The foundation’s long-term goal is to develop a sustainable alternative to tax-financed integration solutions that are primarily efficient and profitable for those who invest in the foundation.

For the private sector towards a more inclusive society
For the idea-driven sector towards a more inclusive society

EUSL Foundation logo

The foundation’s focus areas

with the well-being of the individual at the forefront

The individual

Everyone can end up in difficult challenges in life. It does not have to be a specific target group and the foundation therefore wants to be involved and support wherever it is needed. The foundation focuses on making everyday life easier and the efforts can therefore vary. What they have in common is that all efforts come from the business community.

Small business owners

Small business owners account for over 93% of all Swedish companies. The foundation focuses on these so that they in turn can help people into – or stay in – society. A membership is an investment both in one’s own business and ultimately also in society.


The efforts made by the foundation are defined and determined entirely by the members of the European Social Label. The foundation works with transparency and reports all initiatives and who is involved and participates. Everyone can become a member, but it is mainly about legal organizations.

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Social contributions

Members of the European Social Label donate every month to the foundation’s social contributions.

Feel free to submit suggestions or requests for initiatives you want to see or participate in and carry out. Below are the three specializations that the foundation can work with, which in theory and practice includes most things.

Make a Wish

Help someone make their dreams come true. The foundation carries out targeted efforts towards the individual but must be rooted among the members in the local market area.

Social association

socializing is the most important thing for integration. Finding a purpose to go outside the door can give a lot back. The foundation wants to work closely with both the municipality and associations to allow this to be done

Create. Educate. 

Teach useful knowledge to more people. Most people agree that knowledge is good. It is more difficult to handle new knowledge in the right way. For this reason, the foundation is involved and works for long-term sustainability.

EUSL Foundation logo

Do you want to participate and contribute?

The foundation’s opportunities are great but require that there is a business behind it. The foundation is a membership in the European Social Label which not only gives the foundation the opportunity to change society, the membership also gives you as a company or entrepreneurs great opportunities to develop through various services, marketing and brand development!

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